Farrar Early Learning Centre

At Farrar Early Learning Centre we are committed to the provision of high quality care for all families. We believe that each and every child is a gift needing to be nurtured and inspired each and every day, offering experiences that expand their thinking and enhance their desire to know more. We believe learning is fun and our educator team strives to create a living, ever changing and dynamic curriculum that is reflective of the diversity of our setting.

Each child is encouraged to participate in their own learning at their own pace. Our educators strive to understand the world through your child’s eyes, promoting and modelling positive ways to relate to others.

We are committed to continuous improvement of our service that reflects the needs and values of our families and the community we live in. We value two-way communication between stakeholders, valuing family input and enjoying the stories families can share about their children that are in turn used to inform the development of a quality curriculum.

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